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Blue Tech Cyber Incognito™

Helping You Stay Ahead of Cyberattacks

There is no doubt that the Cybersecurity Landscape is changing minute by minute by minute. The Cyberattacker of today are using the traditional methods of launching their threat vectors, while at the same time coming with new variants all the time, which are becoming even further difficult to detect.

Cybersecurity Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


We help provide solutions in a world where it can be hard to determine who to trust.

Because of this, there has been an explosion in the number of Cybersecurity companies all over the world.  They all offer a myriad of packages to help you beef your lines of defenses.  Unfortunately, that means there is great confusion amongst customers as to which solution will work best for them.

Really in the end, it is the same product or service that is being offered, but in different variations.  In other words, these companies are simply building a better mousetrap just so that they can remain competitive in an, otherwise very fierce market place.

They try to offer timely advice with newsletters, blogs, Email blasts, videos, podcasts, and just about any other form of content that they can create.  But if you look, see, watch or even hear all of these different pieces of content, in the end, they are just pushes for their product or service lines in an effort for you acquire them.

We Are Different

Our Approach is Unique

They sound enticing and attractive, and that is what has gotten the C-Suite and IT Security Managers in a mess that is now difficult to get out of.  For example, the companies that they run now over saturated with many security products and tools that they simply don’t need.  Thus, this has increased the attack surface, and because of this, these organizations are now falling victim to Cyberattacks at an escalated and unprecedented scale that has never seen before.

At BiometricNews.Net, Inc.™, we have taken notice of this trend, and in order to help you, the customer, stay ahead of the Cyberattacker, have come up with a revolutionary new service called BTCI.

With this, we are offer a two-pronged approach in offering you a total Cybersecurity Solutions package to protect your business:

  • Our Gemini IBD® Cybersecurity Infographics Newsletter™;
  • Our Multi Factor (MFA) device offering.

Our Newsletter

Our newsletter is simple:  We don’t push any sort of product on you, but what we offer is an unbiased view of the current Cyberthreat Landscape at the current time, and also offer you tips as to how you can best protect yourself from all of these risks.  This comes out once a quarter, in an Infographic style format.  You can see more at about our newsletter at this link:

MFA Products

Also, our MFA products are just simple as well:  They can be installed and configured in just a matter of minutes.  Best of all, these devices are relatively low in cost, and we have chosen them from leading vendors in order to complement the tips that we provide in our newsletters.  You can view and purchase these products at our online store at this link:

If you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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